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World Ozone Day

  • Posted on- Sep 12, 2018
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The International Day for Preservation of Ozone Layer (or World Ozone Day) is celebrated on 16th of September every year for the preservation of the Ozone Layer. The theme decided for this year's World Ozone Day is found to be "Caring for all life under the sun".

World Ozone Day shines the importance of ozone layer present in the environment. On this day, number of activities and programs are been organized in order to spread awareness about ozone layer, its depletion and how to protect ozone layer for further welfare of all.

In 1994, September 16th was designated as 'World Ozone Day' by United Nations General Assembly. Since then, 16th September is celebrated as World Ozone Day each year.

World Ozone Day plays a very important role as it acts as a platform to discuss problems regarding this issue with friends, family and acquaintances in terms of contributing their share towards the well being of our planet 'Earth'.

The prime aim to observe World Ozone Day as an international occasion is to generate a sense of awareness about the ozone layer, how it is formed and what are the methods to stop its depletion.

Ozone is a trioxygen inorganic molecule of pale blue color having the pungent smell. It is also a protective layer around the earth which protects earth from many types of hazardous gases and from the attack of bursting stars in space. Ozone layer present around the earth also protects it from UV rays which are proven to be very dangerous and harmful.

In present time, because of extra use of chlorofluorocarbons in our daily life, the ozone layer is depleting which may further harm our earth and therefore will also have a negative impact on our lives. Chlorofluorocarbons are mainly used in refrigerators and air conditioners.

On World Ozone Day, many types of activities, competitions like poster making, sketching, the act related to ozone layer depletion, debate and speeches are held in schools and colleges in order to make the students aware about the depletion of ozone layer and how to protect it using eco-friendly and ozone protective products.

The celebrations World Ozone Day is featured at both national and international levels. Various programs and seminars are organized by governments of different countries in order to make people aware about the depletion of ozone layer and also tell people the importance of environmentally friendly products and tell them to use eco-friendly and ozone protective products.

World Ozone Day is celebrated in India by students with a lot of fervor and spirit. On this day, huge rallies are initiated on the sidetracks of city roads, speeches given by students on the annual ozone day, college students organizing state level campaigns to advocate on this topic and thereby deducing different measures to control the depletion of ozone layer.

All the people of the world must collectively take the promise and adopt all the measures in order to reduce the ozone layer from depleting and protect the earth which in turn will protect our lives from dangerous and hazardous gases.


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