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World Cancer Day: Because it’s not a disease, it’s an epidemic

  • Posted on- Feb 04, 2017
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Cancer is the name given to group of more than 100 diseases which occur when growth of abnormal cells become uncontrollable, often resulting in a formation of tumor. Cancer can occur anywhere in the body. There are more than 200 different known cancers that affect the human body. More often cancer is named from, where they start like lung cancer or breast cancer. So, before starting treatment it is necessary to know which type of cancer has developed. Tobacco, being overweight, alcohol, physical inactivity, environmental and occupational risks are the common risk factors that may lead to cancer. It’s true that no permanent cure for cancer has been discovered till now. However, early detection of cancer can make a huge difference. Studies show that one in every three people is at a risk of cancer.

Cancer in India

Approximately half a million people die of cancer every year in India, and these statistics are expected to be double by 2025. As per the WHO’s cancer survey in India- men are at more risk of oral, lip, throat, lung and neck cancers while women are more prone to cervix, breast and ovarian cancers. And elderly Indians are more vulnerable to kidney, intestine and prostate cancer.

Punjab and Mizoram are the two most cancer prone states of India. Kidney, Breast, Urinary Bladder Cancers are most common in Punjab, while lung and esophagus cancers are common in Mizoram. Pollution, pesticides, toxins in food, tobacco and household burning of firewood are the main causes of cancer in these areas.

Reducing Cancer Risk

  • Giving up the use of any type of tobacco and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Complete filtration of tap water can also reduce the risk of getting cancer.
  • Eating plenty of fruits and green vegetables, and food from plants such as grains or beans.
  • Taking proper vaccines. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine and Hepatitis B vaccine can help reducing risk of cancer.
  • Getting regular medical care and following a healthy lifestyle can also help you in reducing risks related to cancer.

World Cancer Day 2017

Cancer being world’s most deadly disease is the cause of more than 8 million deaths every year worldwide and is not yet on key global health agendas. It’s true that no permanent cure for cancer has been discovered till now. However, early detection of cancer can make a huge difference.

But most of the people are not aware about the symptoms of cancer and its treatment. Therefore a global event World Cancer Day is observed every year on 4th of February to educate and inform people about cancer and several risks related to it. World Cancer Day is an admirable step to bring people together to fight against Cancer. The more you know the more you step towards safety.


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22-07-2017 04:32 PM

This day is celebrated to encourage the public about the awareness of cancer, some vaccines and helping them out who are suffering from the same.

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12-07-2017 09:42 PM

Cancer is a deadly disease, just pray that it does not happen to you.

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