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World Bipolar Day

  • Posted on- Mar 30, 2018
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The World Bipolar Day is celebrated each year on the 30th of March with the aim of spreading awareness regarding Bipolar disorders. Bipolar disorder generally causes the patient to experience massive shifts in the energy level and some fluctuation in the mood. These fluctuations are quite strange, and their occurrence may be sudden leaving the patient and their family feeling intimidated. The awareness regarding the symptoms and the treatment of such disorders are very limited, making it impossible for people to deal effectively with these disorders. This is one of the most crucial reasons why World Bipolar Day is celebrated.

There are two main reasons why World Bipolar Day is observed on the 30th of March each year.

  1. To spread the awareness regarding various Bipolar diseases and their impact on the behavior of an individual. To make it possible for people to have access to information that makes it possible for them to understand the symptoms of the diseases.
  2. The other important reason this day is celebrated is, for doing away with the stigma attached to Bipolar Disorders. It is very important to understand the fact that having a bipolar issue is not about losing one's mind, it is very much curable and is just like any disease that can be healed through treatment. There are multiple stigmas attached to Bipolar disorders and their existence, which is the cause of the lack of proper treatment undertaken by patients with this disorder.

It is necessary for people to have proper knowledge regarding the existence of this disorder the kind of impact it can have on the behavior of a person. This will make it possible for them to undertake proper treatment in case they are having a Bipolar Disorder. The reason why people are not able to seek help at the right time is because they are not aware of the fact that such diseases exist and there is a suitable treatment for healing them.

The World Bipolar Day makes it possible for people to know more about such issues and to expand the awareness of people regarding these Bipolar Disorders. Complete awareness regarding such issues can make it possible for people to approach such topics with an open mind and make sure they do away with the existing negative ideas and concepts about such topics. What is even more important is the fact that people will be able to better understand the fact that such Bipolar Disorders are curable and know more about the treatments available.


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