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Tympanoplasty Type II : Diagnosis and Management

  • Posted on- Apr 23, 2018
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Tympanic membrane perforations (TMPs) can end up from illness (particularly infection), trauma, or treatment.

Perforations may be temporary or persistent. Its result varies with size, location on the drum surface and associated pathologic condition.

Infection is the principal explanation for tympanum perforation (TMP). Traumatic perforations happen from direct blows to the ear, severe region air pressure, exposure to excessive water pressure (e.g., in breathing apparatus divers) and improper attempt at wax removal from the ear.

Perforations while not infection or cholesteatoma aren't painful. The patient might report hearable whistling sounds throughout sternutation and nose processing, reduced hearing and there might be an inclination to infection.

Perforation with infection generally leads to copious purulent drainage, which can be bloody in each acute and chronic perforation.

Diagnosis and management of Tympanoplasty Type II

Most tympanum perforations (TMPs) are diagnosed with routine otoscopy. Small perforations might need otomicroscopy for identification.

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The goal of medical therapy for perforations is dominant pathology. Locally applied eardrops carry the risk of ototoxicity, thus avoid ear drops containing gentamicin, antibiotic drug salt, or antibiotic drug within the presence of TMP. General antibiotics are often used once controlling pathology from a TMP.

With relevant surgery, the primary choice is to perform one in all the offered workplace treatments. Such treatments have the simplest likelihood of operating once the perforation is tiny and involves neither the convex shape nor the annulus. Several methods apply.

The simplest, however a least effective in-office operation is the surgery of perimeters of the tympanum perforation (TMP) where a caustic, like acetic acid (10% solution) is applied, which is followed by application of a tiny low patch of tissue paper.

Another in-office treatment, a fat-plug operation is performed by getting a tiny low plug of fat from the post-auricular fissure with the patient under local anesthesia.

The tympanum perforation (TMP) is made ready by anesthetizing its margins with carefully applied phenol solution.

Next, the perimeters are automatically debrided with micro-cup extractor. The fat is then tucked into the perforation, extending each into the canal and into the center ear house.

The second choice is to perform operation with the patient beneath native or anesthesia. An incision is also created behind the ear or entirely through the auditory meatus, counting on the situation and size of the tympanum perforation (TMP).

Repair needs preparation of an appropriate bed for placement of a graft. By far, the foremost usually used affixation material is post-auricular connective tissue. Grafts are also placed medially or laterally to the perforation, or in an exceedingly combined position.

Contraindications related with Tympanoplasty Type II

Tympanic membrane perforation (TMP) is also unilateral or bilateral. Choose the most damaged ear initially for bilateral tympanum perforation (TMP) repair. If magnified hearing impairment complications result, the better-hearing ear remains sound.

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