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Some Aspects which make India a Perfect place for Medical Tourism

  • Posted on- Sep 06, 2018
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In modern days, it is quite easy to access healthcare services and premier technologies in many developing countries. A recent estimate showed that India on an approx gets 2 hundred thousand international medical patients every year, the main source being the countries like United States and United Kingdom.

India is known to provide one of the lowest cost & highest qualities of care in the world and this is one the best returns one can get for their money in the medical tourism industry. All of the major procedures performed in India cost about one-tenth of the total price is in US.

The reasonable cost and quality of care attracts people to India in order to achieve life-saving treatments, procedures, or surgeries performed. Most of the people have their treatment done in India, because they can’t afford it in their home country.

Below mentioned are some of the major factors which make India an ideal medical tourism spot:

1.    Lower Cost Treatments

People can generally expect to save at least 50% of the total amount when receiving care in India as compared to that in other countries like the US or UK. This also includes all travel expenses like air tickets, accommodation, and food during one’s stay. Some treatments can be provided for little as 10% of the cost that it would be available for in the western countries.

2.    Getting Medical Visas is Easy

The introduction of the relatively new “M” visa in India enables one to have medical visa for medical purposes much easier than ever. Visas are issued in a very short amount of time, and the waiting period for life saving procedures are almost non-existent.

Priority is provided to the patients who are suffering with the most life-threatening issues. People from Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, or Pakistan will have the hardest time to obtain visa.

The government of India has achieved this visa expedition program that makes sure that people who need critical, life-saving treatment should get their visas in a timely manner. Obtaining visa from India is one of the prime reasons which attract people from all abroad and at a very reasonable price.

3.    Surgeries done almost Immediately

The waiting times for procedures in India are usually non-existent as compared to the western nations where sometimes people have to wait weeks or months for important and life-saving treatments. This makes it very clear, why there is an appeal to travel India and get the procedure done much more quickly.

Having procedures done so quickly helps in avoiding further complications and health problems in the future. These are problems could be caused by waiting longer in their homeland.

Most of the people use medical tourism in India as an alternate to get procedures done faster when they got fed up with the waiting time they have to face in their native countries.

4.    World Class Services and Care

In spite of being a “developing” nation, hospitals in India provide premium, high class standardized care to their patients. Mostly all hospitals in India offers typical western-style accommodations from individual to shared rooms and personalized dining schedules.

Some of these services include things like language translators or personal assistance for those who are disabled and are in need of any sort of assistance.

Most of the doctors are trained in the country’s top medical universities or in other western-style institutes. Almost all doctors practicing in India speak fluent English as well, so language barrier is rarely an issue. The hospitals have high class infrastructure, and is improving very fast as more technology is rapidly discovered.

5.    Offer therapies like Ayurveda

Hospitals in India have started to offer holistic, natural treatments such as Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Yoga. These are one of the best techniques to cure in post-retreatment recovery for many patients. The therapies provide a relaxing side to healing, which helps many patients feel better much sooner. The psychological advantages are oftentimes positive as well.

6.    Prime opportunity for Travellers

The patients coming to India likes to visit exotic destinations located nearby. Many people relish and take the opportunity to learn more about how people live in the other parts of the world, and sometimes this can be the best part of a medical tourist trip!

In 21st century, India has got to become one of the premiere medical tourism destinations in the world. Lower cost does not mean lower quality of care, the quality of care gets compared to that received in any of the western country. Doctors working in these hospitals are being educated and trained from top international medical universities in the world.

This can make sure that you get top-quality treatment before conditions get worse and cause further side-effects. This is a huge positive for many people who are coming from western nations where waiting lists for major procedures are often very long. Plus, the money they save makes it even more of an obvious choice where to choose treatment in the future.


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