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  • Posted on- Nov 04, 2016
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Roots of o.c.d(obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

We all possess some type of  compulsive habits, Habits which may or may not have a logical premise.

But how does these habits become obsessive?

The value system of an "ideal individual" created by the culture or society demands everyone to fit into it.  

One is obsessed with the outcome of each and every action (physical or psychological), even with an experience of a life-time, with which one may see the impossibility of actions leading to a desired outcome all the time, one still pursues it nevertheless with despair and conflict as an obvious result.

The permanent demand for order is the one creates internal disorder

The religious teaching goads one to be a perfect being, and the social structure demands one to imbibe perfectionism .

The do's and dont's of Organised religion and cults brainwashing what to do all the time.......The rights and wrongs...... The divine reward and punishment.

The medical system & state creating a FEAR PSYCHOSIS with a lifestyle ,diet and other advisories to avoid disease causing immense dis-ease

And there are some unfortunate ones who are genetically programmed by birth to take this conditioning to their  heart and are LABELED  as O.C.D patients.

Perfectionism turns out to be pathological as contamination fear now turning into obsessive actions, which are done to quell this unrest in the mind but in fact dragging one into the vicious circle.

As  parents we advocate order and exceptional cleanliness in children and feel proud even if the child is excessively and obsessively serious about it until the "good habit" is eventually diagnosed as O.C.D

Then there is a religious mania which is a result  of years of suppression of so called bad set of thoughts by good  ones, The bad ones or the unholy ones had never disappeared but were waiting to explode after the conflict had reached the crescendo. 

The conflict of "what one is "and "what one should be" is universal to all, thanks to the value system of society.

We all are in a process to be someone, to be somewhere, to be happy , an ideal state which will remain as an ideal state till the end.

SEXUAL censorship by religion and society has caused this perverse condition of man which he finds himself to be, By advocating and imposing celibacy , censorship and exclusivity of sex which is the strongest pleasure drive of an individual , The state and the religion has created this deep conflict and strife in man, Sexual O.C.D being one the secondary offshoots.

Anti depressants which are mainly SRI'S(Serotonin re-uptake inhibitors) seem to reduce the symptoms with host of side -effects, drug withdrawal symptoms and its chemical dependence. The root of the menace is over looked , which is the conditioning to pursue an ideal perfect state and it starts with the birth of the child.  O.C.D shows a particular preference to certain unlucky genome types.

One does not need to be sympathetic or concerned for these O.C.D  patients as all of us suffer from a hidden O.C.D , One which may not confirm fully to the parameters of it's classification or it is yet not diagnosed!!!!!!!


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