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National Nutritional Week

  • Posted on- Sep 04, 2018
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NationalNutrition Week is celebrated annually from September 1st to September 7th with an aim of awaring people about vital tips for their better health and well being. People from all over the world can be educated to maintain their look and feel better through the national nutrition week campaign.

The aim of the National Nutrition Week is to create a healthy nation, which requires the spread of awareness of the nurturing tradition among the people of different communities.

National Nutrition Week was first initiated by the government in the year 1982 in order to motivate public about good health and healthy living with the help of nutrition education as malnutrition is found to be the main obstruction to the nation’s development. To encourage the people for the same, the Food and Nutrition Board is working all over the country to maneuver the activities.

Individuals can know about their nutritional categories and adjusted eating routine from which they can get great nutritious things. The basic objective of National Nutrition Week is to create awareness on the importance of nutrition for health which has a great impact on productivity, development, economic growth and finally nation’s development.

Nutrition is a known to be an issue of survival, health and development for current and upcoming generations. Children who have born underweight are having impaired immune function and increased risk of diseases like diabetes and heart diseases in their later part of life.

Malnourished children are prone to have lower IQ and impaired cognitive ability, hence affecting their school performance and then productivity in their later part of life.

Malnutrition is not to be seen merely as an offshoot of poverty having adverse effects on health and development of individuals but as a national problem that results in loss of productivity and economic backwardness. Time has come to create a moment so as to improve nutrition at the individual level.

Thus, series of convergent and well coordinated actions in different sectors are required to be undertaken in the mission mode approach to address this big network problem of malnutrition.

At the occasion of National Nutrition Week, large number of awareness campaigns is being run by government and non-government health organizations and people are also given proper training to protect fruits, vegetables and other food items.


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