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  • Posted on- Jul 07, 2015
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The D I Y of Personal Excellence Dr. A. Abraham MD

Oct 9 2014

Often we are told what and who weare and then instructed to be something or someone that the others want us tobe. So we end up doing something we don’t know how, didn't want to in the rstplace and then get what we never liked or ever wanted.

Why does this happen. What would itlike when we know who we really are, what we have and what we really want tohave and be? Magic, isn’t it?

We have all that and we can get allthat when we become aware of what we have and what dream to have. What does ittake? Just sheer self belief and the awesome desire to want it to happen andenjoy the feeling when that happens.

Wait a minute!! How will we know howit feels when it happens when it hasn't yet and how can we enjoy something thathasn't happened. Well, out mind has a problem, which when you look at itdifferently can be an advantage. Our mind is often unable to distinguishreality from fantasy! That is why we often feel like crying when we watch a sadmovie. So the idea is to fool our mind with an awesome fantasy yet with a goodintent

So what do we really have? We have aone million GB neck top PC to start with. Till today we were not aware of theinstructions to operate that awesome computer. NLP or Neuro LinguisticProgramming is like the user's manual of the mind.

Then we need to have a dream. Themind does not really work unless the mind knows and can experience what willhappen when it does. Remember, before we ever tasted chocolates we did not wantit. Once we have, then the memory triggers our taste buds and we start longingfor it and looks for every opportunity to get our hands on some chocolates. Thatis why when we think of a tough crucial exam we feel anxious because we havelabeled it as tough and crucial. Imagine what will happen when we think of whatwill happen when we have done well and got the top grade. When we experiencethe effect, our mind gets the taste of what will happen when it succeeds and sobegins to like it and so will want it so much and somehow will work better evenif we are consciously not sure.

Again unless we have a dream andwant it badly the mind will not know what to do with what we have to get whatwe want. It is like, unless we know what we are making, we will not know whatitems we need and how to work to get the product. In our mind we have somethingcalled the RAS system (Reticular Activating System). It is like the officeassistant who goes to the store to get the items needed to give to the operatorto make what we want. So unless we have a dream and believe in that dream, ourRAS system will not know what to get from the unconscious One million GB neck-topPc, to give it to the conscious mind to do something to make it a reality.

So have a fantastic dream that willnever allow you to sleep till you get it, know what you have( the one millionGB Neck top PC) and be creative and flexible enough to keep on working till youget what you want. We sometimes fail, and rather than thinking of it as afailure re-frame it as a new learning and do something else.

Always be in the ideal state of mindto do what you have to do. When we imagine what happens when you succeed, themind changes to a state of happiness and expectancy and will work better thanwhen in a state of doubt and so end up only trying. The word “Try” meansunconsciously telling your mind “It is Ok to fail" and so the mind ends updoing less.

So have a dream, believe in it andin yourself, do the best you can and all the time be in that wonderful state ofmind of expectancy and self belief!!


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