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Myocutaneous Flap : Overview, Anatomy and Contraindications

  • Posted on- Apr 23, 2018
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A myocutaneous flap could be a style of autologous graft, consisting of tissue taken from a patient and used there on patient's own body. As the name implies, this graft includes skin and muscle.

Myocutaneous flaps will be utilized in a large style of surgical procedures by people like plastic surgeons and burn specialists.

If a patient could be a smart candidate for a procedure involving an autologous graft, the doctor can discuss the procedure and what to expect to assist the patient prepare.

In a free flap procedure, the doctor cuts a graft from one space of the body and transfers it to a different. For instance, if a patient is missing skin on the arm thanks to a burn injury, the doctor may cut a flap from the leg.

This kind of technique allows the grafted tissue to retain its blood, whereas it heals and might improve patient outcomes.

There are various benefits to have autologous grafts, once they are an obtainable choice. The danger of rejection is getting reduced, as risks associated with the procedure is minimum.

The color and texture of the skin will be a much better match, creating the graft site less obvious, and also the tissue is as new and contemporary because it is feasible to be, that conjointly limits rejection risks.

By taking skin and also the underlying muscular blood provide in a very myocutaneous flap, a doctor will increase the probabilities of a sleek healing.

Patients getting ready for a myocutaneous flap procedure should grasp that they'll be placed below anesthesia for the procedure. It’s potential to chop the graft in a very technique referred to as netting to form it stretch additional, limiting the number of tissue that has to be removed.

Throughout the healing method, it's critically necessary to require care of each the graft and harvest sites to limit the danger of infection and cut back the probabilities of graft rejection.

Once a myocutaneous flap with success takes, it'll be totally perfused with blood and capable of repairing injuries, acquisition harm from sun exposure, and undergoing alternative changes with age, rather like the skin on the remainder of the body.

However, a myocutaneous graft can don't have any sensation, as a result of it's unacceptable to graft the nerves.

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