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Multiple Personality Day

  • Posted on- Mar 03, 2018
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The national multiple personality day is celebrated on 5th March every year. There are two ways of looking at the importance for this day.

There are people who look at this day as an opportunity to look within themselves. It is essential to connect with yourself and know who you really are. At times it is easy to lose your true identity and to lose yourself. There are times when the influence of the society and the people living around us can be so huge on us, that we forget what our real self is. This day is dedicated to highlighting the importance of discovering your true self. There are various parts of our personality that need recognition. It is very essential to acknowledge all those supressed aspects of your personality.

The other importance of this day is to raise awareness about the disorder named Multiple Personality Disorder. This disorder leads to an individual exhibiting various characteristic traits. They are unable to restrict themselves to their own way of behaviour and sometimes end up doing things they are not aware of. This can prove to be extremely dangerous if left unattended for a long period of time.

Sometimes the symptoms are not very prominent and can remain ignored for a long period of time. Then there are cases where the symptoms are miss understood as most people are not aware of multiple personality disorder. This day is an initiative to make sure people all around the world are aware of this disorder and can take required measures in case they tend to face it.

Spreading awareness about this disorder can prove be helpful in it's prevention. There are cases where people do not seek treatment as they are completely in the dark when it comes to multiple personality disorder. In such cases if a day is dedicated to spreading awareness about this disorder and the possible treatments, it becomes easy to spread awareness and keep people informed.


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