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Mood Swings in Men Is Not Mythical, It's a Reality

  • Posted on- Sep 04, 2017
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A mood swing is an extreme or rapid change in mood. Mood Swing may refer to minor daily mood changes or significant mood changes as seen with mood disorders such as major depression or bipolar depression.

Despite the fact that mood swings in men have lived with us for thousand years, there are still misconceptions about its reality. In fact, it is mythically believed that mood swings only happen to the women and not to men but this is not true. If anybody believes this too, they are in for a huge shock. Even though sociologists, doctors, and scientists would beg to differ when it comes to mood swings in men, the truth is men also are human beings, and so they experience emotional triggers, which causes mood swings in men.

Depression v/s Mood Swings

It would be mistaken to confuse between long-term depressions with mood swings as they are two entirely different things. Depression is normally pointed by the impact of external factors such as physical trauma, demise of a loved-one, getting fired from a job etc. On the other hand, mood swings are triggered from what goes inside the body and the chemical imbalance happening inside the brain.

Another confusing myth

For ages now, another myth has been doing rounds that men are emotional. Everybody understands that women tend to be more emotional as compared to men. This should not qualify men as emotionless being in fact, the idea that men are not emotional is childish. The society has been awkwardly teaching men to hide emotions, saying it's a reflection of weakness. As a result, more men develop lots of diseases since they do not express their emotions. In most cases, men's emotional baggage only burst when they are in deep pain, for this reason, men face the rougher side of mood swings uncontrollably. This is why, mood swings in men has remained something, which is not discussed even if mood swings occurs and hurts.

The occurrences of mood swings in men

Perhaps most of the men have suffered from mood swings at some point in life, but due to men's ego, they never knew when it was striking. Well, the truth is, mood swings in men need to be controlled. However, everybody first needs to understand when they have crossed the mark.

Mood swings are said to occur when anyone feel emotions clouding in their head, and they begin to swing between sadness, happiness, and anger. When mood swings happens excessively, anybody might end up hurting unintentionally. Nevertheless, mood swings in men can be detected if he becomes envious of other people from time to time. Some sessions of extreme fury and anger too can be categorized as mood swings.

Other things such as being obsessed with other people, having sleepless nights due to anxiety and worry plus lack of rational thinking can as well are considered as signs of mood swings in men. Now the question is how can a man control this situation?

Mood swings in men can be tamed

Fortunately, a man is capable of taming anything he wants, whether it's a living thing or just feelings. One of the common and best ways to control mood swings is through indulging in regular and general exercises. Exercise helps in balancing testosterone levels in a man's body. When this happens, the man's fickle and aggressive mood is made to subside.

Sex too is considered a remedy here. Yes, men are always sexual, and so according to reliable sources, it is one of the most common ways through which men control their mood swings. Men can as well pay attention to sleep. Mood swings in men are greatly controlled by the amount of sleep a man gets. 8 hours of sleep is just enough to be considered a good mood regulatory technique.

Mood swings in men can occur with age just like female ones, and may even be a symptom of andropause known as irritable male syndrome. Irritable male syndrome may affect men's daily life and impact their relationships, so if mood swings in men are experienced that are not normal, it is best to seek the advice of a doctor. Depending on the cause of mood swings in men, one may recommend testosterone therapy, lifestyle changes or counseling to help them.


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