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Its raining diseases in this Monsoon – Learn how to Stay Fit

  • Posted on- Sep 08, 2018
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It is almost an annual ritual, the thunderstorms and soothing rains bring with them a wide array of diseases that are almost impossible to avoid.

A monsoon brings us the respite from the hot summers but sometimes it isn't great for our health. Many of us are found sniffing and coughing as we move away from the warmth and heat to cold shivering breeze.

Our body takes some time to adjust to the changing temperature and climate. Because of this seasonal change, our immunity takes a setback. On contrary, the moisture in the air is an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive and cause diseases.

Well we are here to ensure that you can continue with your rain dance sessions, without getting worried about the tummy bug.

1.    Stop eating from Outside

Let’s start with the basics first. If you don’t want to spend a considerable amount of time in the toilet, we suggest you not to eat things like roadside bhutta, chaat and pakodey. As delicious and tempting they seem, just observe the unhygienic conditions they are cooked in, with tons of germs floating in the air.

2.    Always carry your own Water Bottle

Your mother was absolutely right when she advised you to always carry your own water bottle no matter where you are going. Her advice is more applicable in this season where you just can’t trust the quality of water anymore. As a precautionary measure boil the water for extra safety.

3.    Stick to ‘ghar ka khana’

Say no to pizzas, burgers, fries, momos & rolls and go with the nutritious, homemade food. When you make it through this monsoon season without the bouts of stomach cramps, you will thank us later.

4.    Always wash your hands

Remember when you used to religiously wash your hands using paper soap in school? Yes? There is a reason you were taught to wash your hands before and after your meals. You need to follow this simple rule, especially during the monsoon season. Remember dirty hands equals to an invitation to diseases.

5.    Drink, Drink and Drink Fluids

The easiest way to avoid falling ill is to drink tons of fluids (preferably water). But make sure you run a check on the water you are consuming for contamination. Monsoon is known to be the season of water borne diseases and it is only smart to ensure that you are drinking good quality water.


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