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Friendship Day

  • Posted on- Aug 04, 2018
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Friendship is one of the greatest bonds in world which is formed between two or more people because of trust, affection, love and mutual understanding. Friends are always there to support whenever we need them.

There are numerous words to describe a relation, but only one combines them all i.e. friendship. Friendship is the base of any relation and it conveys the message of understating between two persons, group and communities.

Although everyday can be celebrated as a friendship day if you show your feeling with each other, but it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. This day is dedicated to the bond of friendship and companionship. In 2018, friendship day will be celebrated on 5th August.

It is really hard to find a true friend. Friends celebrate our happiness and support us in our bad days and time. So if you are having one, then you should celebrate because it is a god's blessing. There is no worth of life without friends and their friendship.

No matter what we are going through in life, friends are always there for us. Everybody needs a person who can share our happiness, sadness and problems. We also need to honor these friends in life. So the day of friendship is all upon our head and we shouldn't miss this chance to make our friends feel special.

As we know that the date of friendship day changes every year. This year the day will be celebrated on 5th of August and next year on 4th of August. So you can share some friendship day images with date to your friends and make them remember about the day.

In modern days, friendship day is celebrated as a major festival by various countries around the world. It is perfect time for friends get together, parties, fun and sharing childhood recollections. The day is celebrated with sweet moments and old cheerful memories.

Friendship Day is the perfect time to show your love and emotions by giving interesting twists to all the special things one plans to do. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and celebrate Friendship day on 5th of August and wish your friends a Happy Friendship Day.


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