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Frenular Tear Repair

  • Posted on- Apr 16, 2018
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A frenulum is a very small fold of connective tissue which assists to secure the motion of an organ, like the fold of skin beneath the tongue, under upper lip or even connecting the foreskin of the penis.

The frenulum of the foreskin is also called the banjo string and tearing of this particular tissue might lead to painful symptoms.

Frenulum Tear Symptoms

The primary symptom of frenulum rip after intercourse is through pain, which is more severe when a person is participating in activities which put pressure on the area, like sexual intercourse. There might be bleeding from the area after the incident, emanating from the tear in the skin.

It is also worth noting that symptoms of torn frenulum are not usually permanent and also affected people do not notice lasting effects. With the passing of time, the frenulum can repair itself without any kind of treatment, although replacement scar tissue might be less flexible.

Most of the men who have the condition can pinpoint the time when the injury exactly happened, which might assist greatly in the diagnosis of the condition.

For this given reason, it is crucial that the patient consultation includes all the questions about activities that caused the symptoms in addition to physical examination so as to confirm the diagnosis.

The symptoms of frenulum tear include:

  • Pain (which is the primary symptom and may be very severe when somebody is taking part in activities that put pressure on the Frenulum area like having sex)
  • Intense bleeding (very common in people who aren’t circumcised)
  • Unusual swelling of the penis
  • Discoloration of the tip of the penis, and also the surrounding areas

What Causes Frenulum Tear

Tight Frenulum

Tight or even short penile Frenulum can cause a painful experience when you are engaging in sexual activities with partners. You might also feel a sharp burning sore during and also after sex.

It is something which can cause bleeding, on the part of a man during sex, if the person gets a Frenulum rip during the activity. Some of the tears are very much severe that the man can end up experiencing severe pain.

Frenulum Piercing

In men, the Frenulum piercing is very much common. The fact is that it comes with a short healing time, minimal complications, as well as the pain, has increased its popularity.

The doctor can use a needle so as to pierce the flexible part of underside skin, behind the skin around the glans. Frenulum piercings are two types:

  • The lorum—in this type, the lower frenum is placed at the lower part of the penile shaft, near the scrotum
  • The ladder— several frenum piercings can be placed from the base of the shaft, through the top

Although they both need the same care and also the healing time, you are required to ensure that you keep the area very clean and also free from the pubic hair as piercings are healing.

It is also possible to experience an infected Frenulum Piercing when a person fails to take proper care of the piercing. You have to clean the area very properly, taking time to get rid of the crusting gently. Failure to get rid of them, bacteria that are present on the skin can then start to feed on the crust, and this will cause an infection.

Ripped Frenulum

When ripping the Frenulum, it is supposed to normally heal by itself within a period of about three weeks or even less. In all cases, you will not be required to take any antibiotics, though you will be required to carry out the regular care.

  • Maintenance involves cleaning of the frenulum tear after intercourse which has been ripped by use of the mild soap and some amount of warm water.
  • During healing, a healing scar can then be formed, which will end up reducing the length of Frenulum. When this occurs, you will experience some of the issues when you are engaging in sex, which would then cause the recurrence of the rip.

Frenulum Tear Surgery

The frenulum is known to be a strip of skin that attaches the foreskin to the shaft of the penis on the undersurface of glands. This might be torn while having sexual intercourse, especially if it is a bit tight. This can cause the bleeding which can be alarming.

The tear heals naturally and you just require to keep it very clean. An antibiotic cream might also be crucial.

Sometimes the tear can heal but with the formation of scar tissue leading to a painful tethering effect, especially in erect state. If this happens, then the surgical intervention might be necessary.

A complete frenulum rips after intercourse settles on its own. If scarring happens, or if the tear appears to be incomplete and thus the frenulum is still tight leading to discomfort during sex, then a surgical procedure known as frenuloplasty can be suggested.

During this particular operation, the surgeon lengthens the frenulum so as to allow greater freedom of movement. This gets rid of the discomfort when having intercourse and also reduces the chance of further tears.

Frenulum Tear after Intercourse

The frenulum might not be very tight, but it can be too short and thus prevents proper retraction of the foreskin. A frequent injury is for this skin tearing and if this occurs, an area of the white scar tissue might form.

Scar tissue does not usually stretch and once the tearing process has happened, then it can occur again and again. Whether this particular problem is a tight frenulum or even the tearing of frenulum the best treatment is normally a small plastic operation so as to try lengthening of the frenulum.

Essentially the band of scar tissue can be cut across and some small self-dissolving stitches are then placed so as to close the skin edges in opposite direction to the line of the cut and this lengthens the frenulum.

The operation is a minor one and might be performed under either local or even the general anesthesia and as a day case. No given surgeon can guarantee that the surgery will give good results or even be free of risk.

Usually, the results of the procedure are good but sometimes the scar tissue might tighten up again and if this occurs, then the only cure is a complete circumcision.

The penis is an area of the body which has a lot of blood supply and sometimes there might be bleeding after the operation and rarely this is enough to need hospital attendance and a further operation.


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