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Dealing with Anxiety and Stress - What is the Solution?

  • Posted on- Aug 30, 2017
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Anxiety and stress creates trouble and health consequences for everybody. Also, there are people aging 18 - 33 are suffering from anxiety and stress every day. Not only the sufferer's personal life gets disturbed but profession also gets less productive, and under severe circumstances they even have to give up. Dealing with anxiety and stress is surely possible and everybody can do this in several different ways.

People take support from meditation and relaxation therapy to treat anxiety and stress disorder. When someone is meditating then they are letting all the negative thoughts get out of mind and relax. Not only mind but body will also be benefited from it, as meditation helps in reducing anxiety and stress as well.

Course of Actions

Few more techniques can be added to this regime such as progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing exercises, guided imagery and affirmations. There are many trigger points that bring on anxiety and stress problems, and identifying these trigger points is very important.

There are times when people will realize that all the sufferer's anxiety and stress triggers can actually be avoided once they make a list of triggers and think over it. However, if someone's anxiety and stress trigger points are not avoidable then think about ways to make triggers less troublesome and more productive.

Last but not the least: Start investing time into hobbies that the sufferers are passionate about. If someone like cooking, gardening, swimming, or simply anything starts doing that every single day. The sufferer's mind will start focusing better and their negative thoughts will automatically disappear. Plus, when they are busy having fun you do not get worried naturally. Do not let anxiety and stress takes anybody down get in control of anxiety and stress before it gets worse. By focusing on a purpose of general feeling and of dissatisfaction, anyone will be more likely to realize their goals purposefulness is a big source of motivation.

Panic Attacks

An intense feeling of fear is what a panic attack is all about. Although they are not dangerous but that particular moment can turn out being very horrifying. Everybody dealing with this issue experiences the worst time when a panic attack comes this situation is really uncomfortable. It becomes hard to defeat and overcome that miserable situation that can actually make that attack even worse. Once a person deals with a panic attack, he or she fears that another one will come soon. Panic disorder is what anxiety and stress is actually called.

Things can really become easier for the victim with proper knowledge to take back control.

Treating Anxiety and Stress Before It Becomes Depression

Anxiety and stress are common process which everybody all goes through with at some point in their lives. Anxiety and stress brings everybody some problems and a lot of other things that they might never thought it would. Sometimes anxiety and stress teaches lessons that they never wanted to learn. Whatever the situation might be, anxiety and stress has always been a culprit into many lives and everyone wants to get rid of anxiety and stress sooner or later.

If not controlled, anxiety and stress can develop into depression. Treating anxiety and stress by natural means is by far a better option than medication which sometimes is the cause of such things. Re-organize the sufferer's life with a routine exercise such as walking in fresh air which helps to clear your thoughts. Exercise the sufferer's breathing being anxious makes the sufferer's breathing shallow. Try to lengthen the sufferer's breathing deeper into the belly, hold the sufferer's breathe for several counts before breathing out.

Too much caffeine is a stimulant which increases adrenaline this is a hormone the sufferer will want to avoid. Avoid coffee, colas, sodas, soft drinks, chocolate, and limit strong black cups of tea, use herbal and green teas. This is part of keeping the sufferer's blood sugar level low to stabilize mood swings. Eat healthy, be on a good diet, and use a well-chosen supplement that includes omega 3s. Divide projects into smaller steps. Aromatherapy, listen to music the sufferer likes. If anxiety and stress is building up too often, talk to the sufferer, self-affirming positive thoughts can help. If not seek help, talk to someone about anxiety and stress.

Taking drug medication, even for depression that is caused by anxiety and stress, should always be the sufferer's very last option. However, although still being tested an illicit party drug also used to tranquilize horses could become of benefit as a game changer for treatment of depression or anxiety and stress. So far drug medication has not cured any depression with the exception in cases where the patient included alternative options.


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14-03-2018 03:16 PM

I was in 7th class when I discovered that I am having anxiety. I did not go to school for 3 months. I deal with depression and anxiety every day.

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14-03-2018 03:12 PM

The first time I had a panic attack was in 2014. I had somehow experienced normal anxiety until that point but the panic attack was something I had never dealt with. It has been a touch and go relationship since that day.

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