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  • Posted on- May 24, 2017
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The story of depression goes back to times when culture was born..The pursuit of an ideal state started then ...... , a state where one was not in..

One started this eternal journey of being someone , somewhere!

"what one should be" is now a ghost to be chased , the chase may be eternal

somehow linked loosely to this song by radio head

want too have control, perfect body, perfect soul!


They And if you are not there where you ought to be , you have got to be "depressed"

And clinical depression is where you are overly depressed......and should seek help?

If your state is not congruent to your definition of happiness, you would be unhappy!!

The real struggle is to fit oneself into the box called "happy state" made by culture....

The funny thing is that no one can fit into that!!! but one who struggles the most to fit into it then sees himself to be into another invisible cultural box of "depression"!!!

Boredom has no substance of itself, it is lack of what one should be doing at a given point of time.....similarly depression is lack of what one considers a happy persons state!

The hope of paradise and its pursuit and the low of not reaching the paradise....The paradise which is a land of everlasting happiness.....pleasure without pain ........and the low of not reaching there........

The comparison with others and ones past pleasure and the non-acceptance of pain following pleasure and the non-static character of life....

As it is in a song called "sorrow''by pink floyd...which goes like......He's haunted by the memory of a lost paradise.......the paradise is the psychological goal floated by the culture


Genetic Pre-disposition plays a very vital role .What appears to be inherited is a vulnerability to depression Changes in genes CACN1C and CACNB2 are suppose to play role in it....so what is the fight worth?


Can one manage depression? or only worsen it?


Drugs taking care of depression are anti-depressants , which are mainly SSRI'S (Serotonin re uptake inhibitors) .They act by prolonging the effect of serotonin ( a feel good neurotransmitter) by inhibiting its re uptake by brain.

Can anti-depressants permanently cure it? Can they change the way one perceives life? or do they act as crutches making one's walk just a prevented falling?

Then there are psychotherapies, meditation, wellness therapies and other activities , Which attempt to alter your thought pattern with suppression of one set of thought by other set of thought.

They bring about "peace'' which is just a gap between two wars. Its like a cold war, which can be seen in present scenario globally, where practice of peace is actually a preparation of war!!

As nicely put by song writer Bob Dylan..........you fasten your triggers and wait for others to fire!

master of wars

One thing is for sure, that it's the mind which tells oneself that there is a problem, it creates and defines a state of depression and then goads oneself to look out for solution......its only agenda is to sustain the momentum of thoughts.....the uninterrupted chain of thought!!So the fight , which is only at the mental level is to fit into another fictitious box of depression -free state, which is not going to happen......So can one stop this struggle , as this may be the reason, one is always in the process, the process to be depression -free!! and being depressed in the process!

It is just that you are made to believe that you need crutches, you may choose to drop them and walk ..you can!

When one is not much influenced by high ,the low also does not bother him. In any case it is a series of highs and lows!!!! not one can be chosen the r.e.m song low goes on like

We know about time......We know how things go........They come and go.......They live and grow........They pass and go.......And glow and glow.......................Up and down.......High and low..........Low, low, low


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05-09-2017 05:31 AM

My friend was having depression for a very long time. I just motivated him by saying you are special, you are unique, you cannot be replaced. This somehow changed his life. He is more confident now.

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08-07-2017 07:53 PM

I was suffering from depression. Once I realised exactly what was going on with my mind, I began opening up to my friends and family about how I was feeling.

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