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Cost of Brain Metastasis in Delhi, India

  • Posted on- Nov 01, 2017
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Brain Metastasis Treatment

What is Brain Metastasis?

Brain Metastasis is found in cancer cells, these are those cancer cells which have further spread to the brain from other organs of the body. By other organs, we mean primary organs in your body, which are affected by the tumor. For example, a patient suffering from cancer of the lung can be prone to brain cancer (through Brain Metastasis). The cancer cells in the lung tissue can break down from original mass, and spread through the body to the brain. Growth in brain tumor cases (which are malignant) has been on the rise worldwide. Statistically, there are more than 500 new cases diagnosed every day.

Brain metastasis is sometimes called secondary brain cancer or a metastatic brain tumor. Brain metastasis is not the same as cancer that starts in the brain (called primary brain cancer). Brain metastasis is much more common than primary brain cancer.

Some kinds of cancer are more likely to spread to the brain than others. The most common types of cancer that spread to the brain are:

Cancer can spread to any part of the brain through brain metastasis. The most common location of brain metastasis is the cerebrum, which is the largest and top part of the brain. Less often, cancer spreads to the cerebellum and brain stem. Sometimes there is only a single brain tumor, but most people develop many brain metastasis.

The brain metastasis typically shares a cancer cell type with the original site of the cancer. Brain Metastasis is the most common cause of brain cancer, with tumors originating in the brain being less common.

Brain metastasis can occur in patients months or even years after their original cancer is treated. Brain metastasis has a poor prognosis for cure, but modern treatments are allowing patients to live months and sometimes years after the diagnosis.

The latest report by Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) estimates that India has 10% of worldwide brain tumor cases (10% of 3,00,000). By 2025, this figure is expected to increase five times. Brain cancer, as a result of Brain Metastasis, is even higher and more common among children and young adults (around 40 years).

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What are the symptoms of Brain Metastasis?

The symptoms of brain metastasis vary depending on which part of the brain is affected. Other health conditions can cause the same symptoms as brain metastasis.

Headache is the most common symptom of brain metastasis. Headache can be caused by a tumor pressing on the brain, swelling (called edema), bleeding or hydrocephalus.

Depending upon the exact location of the tumor in the brain, a patient suffering from Brain Metastasis is likely to feel these symptoms:

Here, four common symptoms of brain metastasis are highlighted that are often ignored but that warrant immediate medical attention when occurring in cancer survivors.

1. Progressive headaches

"Common headaches can arise for lots of reasons that aren't necessarily dangerous,". "You can't overreact and respond to every headache with a brain scan. So the question becomes how you will identify which headaches to take very seriously if you are a cancer patient."

The key to recognizing a headache that can be potentially dangerous knows when a headache is out of character and falls into the category of a progressive headache.

"Progressive headaches are not a typical headache or migraine that we are accustomed to. These types of headaches get worse, continue for days and won't go away. If your headache gets progressively worse and doesn't start to fade even with time, rest and medicine, meet your doctor.

2. Seizures

This includes any type of seizure. Any twitching of the lip, hand, falling to the floor, difficulty speaking or anything even perceived as a seizure requires medical attention in a cancer survivor.

"If you have a history of cancer and are doing well, do not ignore a seizure - even if it's partial and only involves one part of the body and you remain awake and aware throughout."

3. Weakness

Significant weakness is not associated with pain in any extremity such as the arm or leg should be a cause for concern.

"Injury by cancer spreading to the brain doesn't cause pain in your arms and legs it causes weakness in your arms and legs". "When people get a heart attack, they go to the doctor because they are in so much pain. They are there because it hurts. When you have a brain tumor, you may not have leg or arm pain, but your left leg may just not respond. I've seen people who use their pants to swing their leg to get in and out of car. It is weakness, not fatigue or pain that you're looking for."

4. Balance problems

Many cancers that spread to the brain occur in the back of the brain (cerebellum), which controls balance. This can affect simple tasks that you may not consider alarming.

For example, you try to grab the doorknob, but you keep missing the target. You stand up, but you fall over. Again, you may not get hurt, but if something is clearly off with your coordination, it needs to be brought to a physician's attention.

"The warning signs of brain metastasis are not always painful and so unfortunately we see a lot of people who ignore them or come in days later and our window to help them recover neurological function sometimes closes,". "The brain is extremely delicate and complex, and there are limited treatment options for the brain compared to treating cancer in other parts of the body. That's why early detection is crucial for any cancer that may have spread to the brain - brain metastasis."

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What are the Causes of Brain Metastasis?

It is difficult to tell for certain, as to what exactly causes Brain Metastasis. According to some research, Brain Metastasis is caused by:

Lung cancer and melanoma are most likely to present with multiple metastasis, whereas breast, colon, and renal cancers are more likely to present with a single metastasis.

What does Brain Metastasis do?

Brain Metastasis can cause general neurological symptoms such as headache, nausea, vomiting (with or without associated nausea) and seizure, as well as symptoms specific to the region of the brain where they are located. These symptoms arise from the growth of the lesion as well as from swelling around the lesion.

How long have anybody had Brain Metastasis?

Unfortunately, there is no accurate means to determine how long a patient has had Brain Metastasis. In some patients, Brain Metastasis may have grown over the course of many months or years but be too small to be seen on previous MRI or CT scans.

Can Brain Metastasis be cured?

Historically Brain Metastasis has been considered incurable. However, recent studies suggest that with aggressive therapy, including surgical resection and/or stereotactic radiosurgery, some patients with one (or only a few) brain metastasis may have a chance to cure Brain Metastasis. In patients with Brain Metastasis, a chance for cure is unfortunately unlikely.

However, Brain Metastasis can be controlled, either temporarily or indefinitely, with treatments such as surgical resection, stereotactic radiosurgery, fractionated radiation and chemotherapy. The goal of these treatments is to control (stop or slow down the growth of the Brain Metastasis and prevent or slow down the growth of new Brain Metastasis). Treatments for Brain Metastasis can provide several months, and perhaps years, of remission and better quality of life by keeping the Brain Metastasis controlled during those times.

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Which are the best hospitals for brain metastasis treatment in India?

Some of the best hospitals for brain metastasis treatment in India are:

  1. Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore, India
  2. Medanta - The Medicity, Gurgaon
  3. BLK Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi
  4. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi
  5. Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata
  6. Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai
  7. Fortis Hospital, Delhi
  8. Fortis Hospital, Mohali, Punjab
  9. Escorts Heart Institute Hospital, Delhi
  10. Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
  11. BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore
  12. BGS Global Hospital, Hyderabad
  13. Apollo Spectra Hospital, Koramangala
  14. Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Bangalore
  15. Rockland Hospital, Delhi
  16. Narayana Hrudayalaya Heart Hospital, Bangalore
  17. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
  18. Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore
  19. P.D. Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai
  20. Apollo Cancer Hospital, Chennai
  21. RCC, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  22. Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center, Bangalore
  23. Geetanjali Cancer Centre, Udaipur, Rajasthan
  24. American Oncology Institute, Hyderabad
  25. Lakeshore Hospital, Kerala

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