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Ayurvedic Remedies for Chronic Pain

  • Posted on- Aug 22, 2016
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Chronic pain is a common issue today and it can affect the shoulders, back and neck. Some people experience repetitive stress injury, osteoarthritis, migraines and fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, not all pain control methods are as effective. Considering the effects pain can have on the overall mood and sleep and life in general, there is still a need to ensure that you get the right treatment. Ayurveda eliminates the belief that you can actually live with some types of pain. It is a treatment system that gets to the root of the pain in the most natural and safest way possible, offering long term relief.

The best way to manage chronic pain is to catch the problem early before the pain overwhelms you. Body messages are never wrong and they should never be ignored because this will only lead to aggravated pain situations. There are unconscious habits that play a role in pain and they include things such as suppressing emotions, tensing muscles, eating foods that are over processed and refined foods, too much caffeine intakes and not taking enough water. They all leave you susceptible to pain because they impact on dosha and vata always involved in pain. Simple observation of the habits and activities can help you undo the pain naturally and this is what Ayurveda does to relieve chronic pain.


The truth is that the food you take can lead to health issues, but on the other hand food can also be a powerful healer. A vata pacifying diet will come in handy when dealing with chronic pain. The diet is comprised of mildly spiced, moist, nourishing and warm food. Taking such food for a month is enough to fetch you a positive difference. You can mix up the sour, salty and sweet tastes, but ensuring that sweet sources are most natural such as from the dates, pears and plums. It is also important that you do not over eat the foods because it can aggravate vata.

Gentle asana

When suffering from pain, it is very natural to feel discouraged to move or stretch. But this should be fought every way possible because it leads to the accumulation of toxins in congested and stagnated body parts thus causing pain. Gentle asana helps in relaxing and contracting the muscles relieving the stagnation and mobilising synovial, lymph and blood fluid. It is a simple way of relieving pain.


This is another reliable remedy for chronic pain. Thyme and rosemary essential oils seem to be the best in increasing blood flow to the muscles and in creating a warm environment. Myrtle and peppermint on the other hand, are painkillers, although the effects are temporary. You can use the oils to get rid of pain using a diffuser or you can use in a hot bath or as massage oil. Always consider diluting the essential oils before using to avoid damaging or irritating your skin.

Systematic relaxation, massage and the use of herbs like ginger and turmeric are also very good in reducing chronic pain. They work by reducing tension and inflammation.

Back pain is a common issue, but fortunately you can enjoy an effective treatment with Ayurveda. Sometimes spine treatment might also be necessary to completely put the matter to rest.


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04-12-2017 09:39 PM

Post work out pain can be felt in the starting days of gym. Nice information provided which will help in loweing the pain.

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03-09-2017 09:54 PM

I had pain in my joints of the shoulder when I first went to gym. Will try to keep these points in mind and reduce pain.

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