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How to View Treatments

1. View Treatment:

It's time to add the treatment details of the patient. When you click on ‘Add New Treatment’, a form will appear. Follow the below instructions carefully:

• Select the treatment which you have added via the Treatment Master.
• The cost of the treatment will automatically appear.
• Enter any discount that you might have given, either in % or the amount.
• Enter the medical problems as described by the patient, i.e., tiredness, headache, fever etc.
• Write about what you found while examining the patient.
• In the next column, write what diagnostic lab tests you have suggested for the patient (based on the above described problems). For e.g. CBC, KFT, LFT etc.
• In the Diagnosis section, mention what diagnosis you made, i.e. checking blood pressure, blood sugar, overall body examination, etc. What results you got while checking these.
• Next are the treatment details. Mention what treatment you have prescribed to the patient along with the duration.
• In the Status section, mention if there are any diagnostic lab test reports awaited.
• After you’ve filled the form, click the Save button.

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