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At IBS super specialty hospital, we are committed to bring excellence in neuroscience, neurology, orthopedics, and emergency care services. Since their inception in 2011, IBS hospital has been a world class centre dedicated to providing international standard of healthcare at affordable prices. It is the best Rehabilitation therapy Hospital in Faridabad.

IBS Hospital Faridabad is treating thousands of Indian and International patients every year. It is the best spinal tumors Surgery Hospital in Faridabad.

Being the best hospital in Faridabad, they are led by an expert team of renowned doctors and surgeons for whom, care and compassion are not mere words, but a quintessential way of life. They are equipped with the latest technologies and a team of neurosurgeons, who share their expertise to empower you. It is the best hand Surgery Hospital in Faridabad.

They perform minimally invasive spine surgeries which are for both epilepsy and to treat a brain tumor. We treat the common spine conditions as well as the not-so-common conditions such as spine aneurysm, spine cyst and skull-based tumors. They have pioneered in minimally invasive neurosurgical techniques which include endoscopic end nasal approach (EEA) and Neuroendoport surgery. It is the best Trauma Surgery Hospital in Faridabad.

Endoscopic End Nasal Approach is minimally invasive spine surgery done to remove spine tumors and lesions. It is the best Bone cancer Hospital in Faridabad.

In Neuroendoport Surgery they perform on tumors and lesions deep in the spine, such as gliomas, and colloid cysts. It is the best Spine Surgery Hospital in Faridabad. They offer some specialties that are neurology, neurosurgery, spine surgery, orthopedics and joint replacement, rehabilitation, other services, international patient.

A team of well-trained medical staff, non-medical staff and experienced clinical technicians work round-the-clock to offer various services. The Doctor’s and the professionals working at IBS hospital Faridabad are well equipped to tackle medical emergencies and provide the best possible health related treatments. Each patient is assisted by the hospital staff throughout the process of treatment they are undergoing. IBS super specialty hospital is furnished with the best technologically advanced medical equipment. Which make it a one stop solution for all kinds of medical challenges. The advanced treatment offered at this hospital is capable of providing the best solutions to patients suffering from serious health related challenges.

Their services are designed keeping in mind the extreme demand for quality health care services and advanced medical treatment. With the increase in the stress due to the fast-paced life we all are leading, there is a huge increase in the demand for medical treatments that can provide cure to various complex health challenges. This is where IBS hospital Faridabad will prove to be the best treatment option for you. Irrespective of the health problems you are facing you will be able to avail a range of treatments suitable for your medical challenges. You will receive complete assistance throughout your process of treatment.

You can book an online appointment with doctors available at IBS hospital Faridabad on www.Lazoi.com.


1:00AM - 11:59PM

Feb 24, 2018

Good support from staffs and very doctor team in hospital

Feb 24, 2018

Cooperative staff with proper use of advanced technology. My grandpa spine surgery went smoothly. Big Thanks to IBS Hospital

Mohtamim Reza
Feb 24, 2018

Good team of Doctors. Appointment facility available here.

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