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  • Posted on- Feb 27, 2017
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In simple terms, Trypophobia can be defined as the fear of too many holes. Patients of Trypophobia have an uncontrolled reaction towards certain kinds of holes. Reactions of trypophobia vary from person to person. Some people give an uncontrolled response to specific kinds of patterns of holes. A viewing of hole pattern from a particular distance can also trigger distinctive anxious responses of a Trypophobic.

Causes of Trypophobia

The exact causes of this disorder have not been discovered yet.

  • Trypophobia may be the result of bad experiences of the past.
  • Genetic predisposition, family relationships or any disastrous events in life can also cause Trypophobia.


Diagnosis of Trypophobia

Since not much is known about the origin and causes of Trypophobia, there are no diagnostic tests yet developed to treat this condition.


Triggers of fear of Trypophobia

  • Holes made by insects
  • Holes in plants, fruits, vegetables, and bread
  • Natural Occurring Geological Holes
  • Too many holes linked together


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