Arterial Thromboendarterectomy, treatment of Arterial Thromboendarterectomy

Arterial Thromboendarterectomy

  • Posted on- Dec 15, 2017
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About Arterial Thromboendarterectomy?

  • Arterial Thromboendarterectomy is a treatment which involves the opening of an artery. It is basically performed to treat a cerebral vascular disease where there is a considerable reduction of blood supply to the brain. It is also carried out to cure peripheral vascular disease.
  • The surgery helps in removing deadly chronic clots of blood from the blood vessels of the lungs which could not be treated with medication.


What is Arterial Thromboendarterectomy?

  • The chest of the patient is opened through their sternum, and a small cut is made in the pulmonary artery. The blood clots are then very carefully removed. The old clotted material is more carefully deconstructed. During the surgery, the patient's heart might stop working, and the patient has to be placed on a heart-lung bypass machine.


Which doctor is to be consulted for the treatment of Arterial Thromboendarterectomy?


1. What are the Steps to be taken before Arterial Thromboendarterectomy?

The surgery is delicate and difficult, but the team of doctors will ensure that you are in good health to undergo the surgery, and you get an appropriate diagnosis.

2. What are the steps to be taken After Arterial Thromboendarterectomy?

After the surgery is done, the patient will be placed in a cardiac intensive care unit for about 3 to 10 days. The patient will be required to visit the doctor for blood tests and other examination to make sure the blood thinners are at a proper level. Generally, the patients are only allowed to return home after 3 weeks.

3.What are the benefits of Arterial Thromboendarterectomy?

The advantages of the surgery are:

  • The surgical process efficiently removes any obstruction inside the blood vessel.
  • The procedure also re-establishes the vascular channel to ensure proper flow of fluids.
  • Improves the quality of life.

4. What are the risks related to Arterial Thromboendarterectomy?

The risks associated with the surgery are:

  • Mortality of the operation is around five percent.
  • Pulmonary vessels may rupture due to increased pressure.
  • Reaction to anesthesia.


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