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  • Test Name - Kidney Function Test (KFT)
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Test Details & Preparation

  • A Kidney Function Test (KFT) is used to evaluate kidney function, to help diagnose kidney-related disorders, to screen those who may be at risk of developing kidney disease or to monitor someone who has been diagnosed with kidney disease.

  • A Kidney Function Test (KFT) includes several tests measuring the levels of Electrolytes, phosphorus, calcium, albium, blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), creatinine and glucose in the body.

  • A Kidney Function Test (KFT) is performed when someone has risk factors for kidney dysfunction such as high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, elevated cholesterol, or a family history of kidney disease.

  • A Kidney Function Test (KFT) is also suggested when someone has signs and symptoms of kidney disease such as swelling or puffiness, urine that is foamy, bloody, or coffee-coloured, decrease in the amount of urine, etc.

  • A blood sample is drawn from a vein in the arm.

  • For a Kidney Function Test (KFT), fasting for 8-12 hours (no food, only water) before sample collection may be required.

  • Kidney Function Test (KFT) is an indicator that there may be a problem with the kidneys and that further testing is required to make a diagnosis and determine the cause. Results of the Kidney Function Test (KFT) are usually considered together, rather than separately. Individual test result can be abnormal due to causes other than kidney disease, but taken together with risks or signs and symptoms, they may give an indication of whether kidney disease is present.

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