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Test Details & Preparation

What is hemoglobin test?
The hemoglobin test is performed to check the amount of blood present inside the body. Red blood cells have protein named hemoglobin that takes oxygen to different parts of the body and transfers carbon dioxide from the organs and tissues to lungs.

If you have low red blood cells then your test will reveal the lower amount of hemoglobin than normal amount. Anemia can have many different causes, including vitamin deficiencies, bleeding and chronic diseases.

In case hemoglobin reflects the large amount of red blood cells than normal then it can be because of the blood disorder polycythemia Vera, living at a high altitude, smoking and dehydration.

Why hemoglobin test is done?
Hemoglobin test can be done for various reasons that can be:

  • To check your overall health - Doctor can prescribe this test to check hemoglobin as a part of the whole test during the usual monitoring to check the general health and to check if any other disorders present.
  • To diagnose a medical condition - In case of weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath or dizziness your specialist can suggest you for this test. This signs can give direction to anemia or polycythemia Vera. A hemoglobin test can help diagnose these or other medical conditions.
  • To monitor a medical condition - In case you are treated with anemia or polycythemia Vera, doctor can take use of hemoglobin test to check your condition and guide treatment.

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