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Test Details & Preparation

Test details and preparation:

  • Aldosterone is released by adrenal gland. The hormone acts mainly in the functional unit of the kidneys to aid in the conservation of sodium, secretion of potassium, water retention and to stabilize blood pressure
  • ACTH regulates the functioning of aldosterone by giving signals to maintain a balance between the sodium and potassium level.
  • The test can be ordered if someone show symptoms such as-
  • Weakness/tired/dizzy
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Muscle spasm
  • Tingling
  • And periods of temporary paralysis.
  • The test is done by taking a blood sample needed to check the base aldosterone level, and then injection of synthetic ACTH is given to check the aldosterone level.
  • Preparations such high sodium or potassium diet is stopped for at least 2 weeks before the test and certain medications are stopped.


  • The normal levels of aldosterone is around the range of 16-20ng/dL.
  • The value may vary from lab to lab.
  • High level of aldosterone (hyperaldosteronism) maybe caused by tumor in adrenal gland or in response to some diseases. High aldosterone level can cause high blood pressure and low potassium level and low direct renin.
  • Low aldosterone level can also be present which is low from the normal and can indicate hypoaldosteronism which can cause low blood pressure.
  • Abnormal levels can also indicate some pituitary gland disease.
  • ACTH can not en a accurate of direct indication of the amount of aldosterone present in blood, so the test and diagnosis must be done to know the exact condition.

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