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Test Details & Preparation

Test details and preparation:

  • Albumin is a protein present in the blood need for cell growth and tissue repair,and creatinine is the waste product from kidney.
  • Microalbumin is the amount of albumin secreted in urine.
  • The test is ordered in patients with diabetes mellitus and with high blood pressure to moniter the risk of renal diseases.
  • The test is done by taking a 24 hours urinary sample, starting from early morning of the previous day to the next day. The first early morning urinating is not collected. The time for starting of collection to the end of collection is measured.
  • No preparation is needed before the test.


  • The normal albumin range in urine is <30mg/day.
  • But if the result falls between 30-300 mg/day, then the patient can be thought to have microalbuminuria, which indicate early kidney disease.
  • And when the range falls between >300mg/day, the patient is indicated to have macroalbuminuria which indicated a advanced kidney disease.
  • But there are other factors which can interfere with the results,such as-
  • blood in your urine, or hematuria
  • a fever
  • recent vigorous exercise
  • dehydration
  • a urinary tract infection

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