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Lab tests often provide a clear picture of a patient’s symptoms and the subsequent diagnosis and treatment of a particular condition or disease. Therefore, lab tests have a substantial role to play in a patient’s treatment and recovery process. In short, without lab tests, a doctor will not be able to diagnose a particular disease which eventually leads to failure of treatment.

These days, especially in our country, diagnostic lab tests, their prices and standard has become talk of the town because, off late, many fake labs have been reported in the country. Patients and their family members are getting robbed off the right treatment which ultimately leads to their demise. There is a serious need of standardised diagnostic centres which offer genuine lab tests.

Citing the need of legitimate lab testing, Lazoi® brings professional diagnostic solutions at your doorstep. We offer unparalleled online diagnostic lab test booking services which will help detect diseases and in due course guide treatment decisions. We are bridging the gap between ‘getting the lab tests done in a simple manner and then receiving the right diagnosis.’

Lazoi® is one of India’s leading healthcare portals for online lab test booking covering more than 2500 diagnostic tests. Some of India’s reputed diagnostic centres are associated with us offering various lab tests at highly competitive prices. Some of the striking features of booking online diagnostic lab tests at Lazoi® includes:

• You can compare the prices of various lab tests from the best diagnostic centres near your location. Get precise information on quality, services, pricing etc.

• You can get all your reports over the e-mail. Bid adieu to all the hassle while fetching test reports.

• Get heavy discounts while booking different diagnostic lab tests, i.e. Blood Tests, CT scan, MRI scan, Ultrasound, X-ray etc.

• You have the privilege of home/office sample pick-up for absolutely no extra charges.

• You can make payments via online payment gateway (debit/credit card/net banking) or by cash.

• Not just the lab tests, you can choose from a range of health packages offered by us which covers various diagnostic tests under one package, for e.g. Diabetes Profile, Thyroid Profile, Lipid Profile, Executive Health Check-Up, Male Infertility, Female Infertility etc.

Since getting the right lab tests done from the right laboratory is the backbone of correct diagnosis and treatment, Lazoi® presents a new, distinguished way of getting your diagnostic tests done. Feel free to book now!

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