Ecommerce Flow / Incorporated

For Health Card

Step 1: Compare features and Select a Card Type.
Step 2: Choose years of subscription and Check your billing details.
Step 3: Proceed to pay and select payment mode to make payment.
Step 4: Health card is purchased. 

For DocPractice premium subscription

Step 1: View Price and Plans of DocPractice Premium
Step 2: Click on Proceed to Payment and enter your contact details
Step 3: Select payment mode and Make Payment.
Step 4: DocPractice premium subscription is purchased. 

For Diagnostic Tests and Health Packages
Step 1: Select the test and add to cart one by one.
Step 2: Click on Search lab to view prices after discount.
Step 3: Click on book now and enter your billing details.
Step 4: Select a payment mode and checkout.

Vitamin Panel img Price - 3245.00 Discount - 973.50Payable - 2271.50 Book Now
Senior Citizen Checkup (Male & Female) img Price - 2575.00 Discount - 772.50Payable - 1802.50 Book Now
Breast Cancer Screening Package for Women img Price - 13000.00 Discount - 6500.00Payable - 6500.00 Book Now