About Us

Lazoi is a unique online healthcare solution platform which fulfils the complete health requirements of patients. It also empowers doctors with easy maintenance of patient records and can organize their invaluable time in a more efficient manner.

Within two years of inception it has revolutionized the healthcare industry by enabling patients to choose a doctor online as per their medical needs and budget. They can easily fix an online appointment with specialized medical professionals to take a second opinion, book diagnostic tests and health packages at discounted rates.

One word that describes Lazoi is convenience. It values each individual’s time spent on searching for right options when it comes to medical requirements. Our services are absolutely free for patients and we offer 100% guaranteed value for money while searching for the right practitioner, diagnostic centre and pharmacy.

What Benefits Doctors Have?
While associating with Lazoi, doctors can manage appointments on their fingertips with the help of benchmark software called - DocPractice. They can easily manage their day’s proceedings in a much secure and professional manner. Additionally they can also view patients’ reports in advance, browse through their medical history, refer to old diagnoses & treatment and prescribe medication accordingly. Lazoi services are available on the go. So if you are on a holiday or business trip, don’t worry about managing appointments.

What Benefits Patients Have?
Lazoi has a slew of services to offer to patients. It ranges from online booking of doctors, diagnostic tests, purchasing medicine, checking medical records to keeping an account of medical expenses. As a patient, you can access your health records anytime, anywhere even when visiting a doctor abroad. Moreover, when health conditions are critical and most important people need to be contacted, you have the option of making an emergency communication.

Our Mission
Lazoi goes by its professional goal – to educate people on the health requirements across the globe. In addition to that, it ensures that people acquire relevant information on online medical services and book through its portal www.Lazoi.com. The company is the perfect medium of communication between doctors, health service providers and patients.

Our Vision
Lazoi is also willing to bridge the gap between healthcare service providers and patients i.e. to eliminate the last mile gap. We strongly believe good health is everyone’s right and based on this belief we want to bring plethora of health related facilities under one roof and motivate each healthcare professional to work tenaciously to give their best professionally. Even if you live in the farthest corner of the world, Lazoi will bring the best and affordable medical facility that is bound to make a difference. Whether you stay in the United States, Europe or Asia, you’ll be able to connect with the most suitable medical practitioner available within seconds by clicking our portal from the comfort of your home.

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